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This page is intended to provide a brief overview of the history and development of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, as well as to give more detail as to how the modality supports the body in finding health and wellness within.  As it is always somewhat difficult to completely surmise any modality in a few paragraphs, I encourage and warmly welcome any questions that may arise that you cannot find the answers for on these pages. 





Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy officially developed in the Western world out of Osteopathy in the early 1900's.  Students in their field became increasingly curious about the subtle, natural shifts and movements that occur in the body independent of automatic functions such as breathing and our heart beating.  Studies began to illuminate how the bones of the cranium move in a particular rhythm that is intricately connected to the movements of the spinal column and sacrum, as well as the nerves and connective tissues that join them.  The rhythmic movements of the body's midline had a direct effect on the health of the body and impacted every system within it. Disruptions to this Cranial-Sacral system through tension, injuries, and trauma were found to negatively impact the vitality and health of the body. It was found that by connecting into these inherent rhythms, practitioners could aid the body in returning to regulation and revitalize the wellness within. The modality went through several slight shifts in it's development, with some forms still utilizing slight manual manipulations learned from Osteopathy.  Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is one of the most recent evolutions in the field, with the premise being that the body is infinitely intelligent and we can support it through gentle, safe touch and embodied, present listening.  Today, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a modality that is recognized across multiple disciplines as being supportive in trauma resolution, pregnancy and birth, healthy development, pain management, and maintaining health and wellness as we age.


It is worth noting that this form of healing has been practiced by Peoples of all cultures across the world throughout history, and so in reality this is just another name for something humans have been doing for countless ages. 

The Intelligence of the Body

Our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves.  This is how our bruises fade, our cuts seal, and our muscles repair.  We don't have to put any conscious effort into making these things happen, they just do.  There is a deep wisdom within the body that is always working towards the greatest flow of health and wellness within.

There are times, due to injury, trauma, or overwhelm, that the body can get stuck and requires support to alleviate the injury and return to full health.  The role of the BCST practitioner is to offer this support through intuitive listening and neutral, light touch.  When the body is held in such a safe space, it is able to enter a state of total relaxation and calm.  In this state, we are able to find deep levels of health that are able to fully heal longstanding injuries, pains, traumas, and states of overwhelm.

This level is healing is possible in such states because it allows our nervous system to return to a state of regulation.  Our nervous system is connected to every cell within us; it is the information super-map that keeps communication going throughout our entire body.  When it is in a regulated state, it works efficiently and effectively.  When it enters a state of dysregulation, it has a direct negative impact on the body.  Nervous system dysregulation occurs when a person is pushed to a state of overwhelm that is so intense, a part of it becomes frozen in the body.  The cause of overwhelm can be physical, mental, and/or emotional.  The body still works towards the greatest health it can obtain, while also working to contain the part that has become frozen.  This causes disruptions in the natural flow of health that, if left over time, can cause compounding issues throughout the body.  It is important to note that overwhelm is unique to each person; what traumatizes one person leaves another perfectly calm.

The amazing thing about human beings is that, because we are social creatures, we have the ability to help regulate one another's nervous systems.  This is a gift from nature we receive right at birth; a human infant cannot regulate their own nervous system.  We are entirely dependent upon our mother or primary caregiver's nervous system to know how to be in the world.  As we grow, we learn to regulate our own nervous system, but we never lose the ability to co-regulate. During a BCST session, the level of safety created within the space allows the client's system to mirror the regulated state maintained by the practitioner.  The system, in effect, is being taught how to remember its ability to regulate, and thus its ability to heal itself.  The addition of gentle hand holds throughout the session aids in amplifying the safety and regulation.  The healing power of touch can again be traced back to our infancy, as the loving, unconditional touch of our mother or caregiver is one of the first forms of soothing, comfort, and relaxation we receive outside the womb.

When we feel seen, heard, held, and unconditionally supported, our bodies and minds are capable of creating monumental shifts towards our greatest health and wellness.  We obtain the ability to re-member and re-claim our true Self within.

"Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is an advanced therapy that combines a Western scientific understanding of the body with mindfulness skills, a unique type of touch and an appreciation of the body's ability to heal itself. This touch is incredibly profound, and sets off a deep, physiological reaction in the body."
-Ged Sumner, founder of Body Intelligence Training

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