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What do you mean by "gentle, light touch?'

BCST involves very gentle hand holds on various areas of your body.  My hands are guided by listening to where and how your body wants to be held.  For example, it could be a hand on either side of your knee, one hand on top of your chest and one underneath, or hands gently placed underneath your head. There is no force or pressure placed on your body.  I will always let you know where and how I am going to be placing my hands and check in with you to make sure you are comfortable.  Remember, you are always able to let me know if I need to adjust my hold should it feel uncomfortable.  

How many sessions will I need?
Every client is unique in their healing journey, and so it is impossible to say how many sessions you may need.  It depends on what you are seeking support for, how longstanding the need has been, and how open you are to committing to better wellness for yourself.  I have supported clients for two or three sessions and they've had lasting shifts.  I have also seen clients for six to twelve sessions before they have felt their wellness goals have been achieved. This is something we can check in about throughout our sessions together.  I will never pressure you into booking a follow up session; I will simply provide my recommendations based on what your body is presenting and allow the space for you to decide for yourself.
It is worth mentioning, especially if you are seeking support for a longstanding need, that we try to book sessions no more than two weeks apart.  This helps to encourage the flow of increasing wellness within the body.  This having been said, if that's not a schedule you can keep up with, then it is still better to have a session here or there than none at all.  Trust that your body will guide you and let you know what it needs.

Is BCST safe for children?
Yes! BCST is gentle and relational, it is a wonderful modality for children.  In fact, because most children are very connected to their bodies and their needs, they tend to understand right away what the treatment is doing.  Shifts often happen quickly and with greater ease for children; and they tend to need less sessions than adults.
BCST is a great support to help infants, children, and youth process the physical, emotional, social, and mental changes they experience as they develop.
Parents and guardians are welcome to sit in on child sessions if the child prefers. Infant sessions will always involve the child and birth parent/caregiver.

Is BCST safe for seniors?
Absolutely!  BCST is safe for all ages and stages of life. There are no health risks associated with this modality and it can be added into a care routine without worrying about disrupting any other therapeutic supports.  

I've tried other modalities and had no luck, will BCST be able to help?
It is very common for people to find BCST once they have exhausted other health care modalities and have been left disappointed with their results.  What sets BCST apart is that it is your own body doing the healing; it's an innate ability you have within you.  While many modalities seek to treat symptoms, BCST allows your body to show the root causes of the issue so it can be addressed, resolved, and your system can return to a natural state of balance and wellness.

Is BCST covered by insurance?
You will have to check with your insurance provider to see if you have coverage for BCST. 
Direct billing is not available. 

Who are you registered with?

I am registered with the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America.   If you need my registration number for insurance purposes, please let me know and it can be provided. 

Did you take formal training for this modality?

I did yes! To learn more about the internationally recognized two-year program, please visit:

Do you have a cancellation policy?
I don't have a cancellation policy per se.  I understand that life happens and there will be times, whether it be for health, weather, or unexpected emergencies, that will result in our session be cancelled.  We are human and life happens.  There may be times I have to cancel for the exact same reasons!  What I do ask, particularly if I am travelling to you, is to try and provide as much notice as possible.  Ideally 24 hours would be best.  Please make sure to text or call me at 306-530-4733.
If cancelling becomes a bit of a pattern - for example three sessions in a row are cancelled or every other session is consistently cancelled, then I will have a discussion with you (in person or on the phone) letting you know that if it happens again, I will no longer be willing to see you as a client.  This is to make sure I am honoring and valuing my time and yours. 

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"Knowing oneself comes from attending with compassionate curiosity to what's happening within" - Gabor Mate

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