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Animal Sessions

Just like humans, our animal companions have health and wellness needs.  As they go through life they may experience injuries, traumas, and health issues that cause dysregulation in their body.  BCST is as supportive to animals as it is to us.  By respecting the inherent treatment plan of their body and listening with compassion and neutrality, BCST is able to support remarkable health and wellness shifts for the animals in our lives.  Because animals are naturally much more connected to their physical and emotional bodies than we are, they seem to understand rather quickly how this modality works and embrace the healing with relative ease.  By paying close attention to their non-verbal cues, animals set the pace and duration of their session.  Many animals are visibly more relaxed following a session and appreciate quite downtime to integrate the experience. 

BCST is a wonderful support for small and large animals alike.  From rabbits and cats to dogs and horses, this modality offers another option for finding deep healing for our animal family members. 


BCST Benefits for Animals:
- pain reduction
- fascial release
- improved digestion
- improved mobility
- relief from allergies
- more positive demeanor/ "the light comes back in their eyes"
- increased positive engagement and learning
-release of stored trauma
- deep listening and communication
- opportunity to share their story
- improved surgery recovery time
- greater connection to themselves and their family
- palliative support: easing physical discomfort, expressing emotional concerns, supporting a peaceful transition

In order to best support your animal companion, I will come to your home/ where they are boarded as this is where they are most comfortable and relaxed.  

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Small Animal 
60 minute session: $60.00

Large Animal
60 - 75 minute session: $100

All payments are cash or e-transfer to

My Animal Background Experience

I have always had a deeper connection to animals than I have to humans.  As a child I was always talking with my animal friends and bringing home strays any chance I had.  While other children wanted to join sports or dance teams, I wanted to go out exploring in the fields, woods and lakes to find my animal friends and immerse myself in their world. I was fortunate to have been raised with cats and dogs, and as I got older I was connected to horses, rats, rabbits, birds, and reptiles.  And I loved them all.  I was fascinated with their individual personalities and how they expressed their wishes, needs, and their love.
Throughout my teenage years and early adulthood, I had the opportunity to work at various horse farms where I trained young horses, re-trained older horses, taught lessons, and learned general barn management skills.  I later added dog training to my repertoire.  Throughout these roles, I furthered my understanding of animal communication and how clear they are about expressing their thoughts and desires.  I began to realize that it was us humans that needed to learn how to listen.  Any chance I had, I was diving into books, articles, and documentaries on animal behaviour, communication, anatomy, life cycles, and how humans and animals relate to one another.

When I began my training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, I was instantly drawn to sharing this work with animals to see how they responded to the modality.  I was consistently mesmerized with their reactions, requests, and how they shifted within their bodies.  I decided to pursue this throughout my two-year program and added animal anatomy and physiology to my research alongside human anatomy.  

I am incredibly grateful to all of the animals who invited me to their support team.  The knowledge and experience I gained is invaluable and has cemented my desire to support humans and animals alike through this modality.  Thank you to the humans that trusted me with their animal family members.  And thank you to the various mentors I had who were more than willing to share their own experiences, insights, and tips as I ventured down this path.

"Love of animals is a universal impulse, a common ground on which all of us may meet.  By loving, and understanding animals, perhaps we humans shall come to understand each other"
- Dr. Louis Camuti

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