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About Me

While it's always a little difficult to sum up who a person is in a few short paragraphs, I do appreciate that you need to know a little bit about who I am and my way of being before you feel comfortable adding me to your support team.  As a highly sensitive empath, I understand the importance of having safe, genuine human connection.

I think the best place to start would be that I have a deep Soul passion for helping others on their wellness journey. I have compassionate curiosity for how you have come to be where you are today, and who you hope to be in the days yet to unfold. 

I became fascinated with the human body and its ability to heal through my own health journey.  Struggling with Endometriosis for two decades, I spent years navigating the medical world seeking relief that couldn't be found. Sparking determination to find solutions beyond prescription opioids and surgeries, I began managing my pain through extensive diet and lifestyle changes and plant medicine support. While this alleviated some pain, I could never quite find the relief I so desperately sought.  When BCST came into my life, I gained a deeper understanding of how compounding traumas, injuries, and life experiences can get stuck within the body and cause significant physical, mental, and emotional health issues.  I became increasingly curious how regulating the nervous system through safety and relaxation creates the potent state where traumas, tensions and holding patterns can be released gently and with ease. When we can find this state and support the body in processing, massive resources of health become accessible and this has a positive impact on our entire being. Since starting my personal BCST journey and supporting my clients, I have gained a profound respect for the inherent healing ability of the human body and the potential for wellness within us all. I truly love seeing how much people light up as they find relief from aches and pains, feel more centered and calm, and gain a deeper connection with who they are. And, I sit here today, completely free of Endometriosis.

Prior to finding myself in this current role, I was a social worker for nearly 10 years with focus on supporting children, youth and adults who have experienced high levels of trauma. This was a deep dive into understanding the vastness of the human experience and the power of resiliency within each of us.  I held various positions during my career and have significant experience in facilitating difficult conversations, navigating the intricate delicacy of trauma resolution, advocating for client rights, and building up healthy support systems and community connections.  I am forever grateful to all the clients I met during this time, as cumulatively they taught me the importance of compassion and kindness, how to hold safe, relational space, how to navigate difficult conversations without judgement, and how to support someone in finding themselves again.

When I am not giving sessions, I can be most often found out in nature with my family. Our two dogs, two cats, and two horses keep us smiling and laughing through all of life’s ups and downs.  We are incredibly lucky to live in the beautiful meeting place of the Shuswap and Okanagan Valleys of British Columbia.  I love the natural world and am resourced when I am out walking amongst the forest, swimming in a clear lake, or taking in the view from a mountain top.  In addition to BCST, I am currently working towards becoming certified in Equine Facilitated Learning.  Horses are powerful teachers who have a remarkable way of supporting our healing.  It has been amazing how smoothly the craniosacral work and the horse work overlap with one another.  I am looking forward to sharing the gifts of horses with children, youth, and their families.


My Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts: Major in Psychology, Minor in Ethical Philosophy - 2012


Bachelor of Social Work - 2015


Reiki Level 2 Practitioner - 2021


Body Intelligence: Foundations in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy - 2022


Post Grad: The Immune System - Embracing Wholeness, Membranes, and Marrow - 2023


Equine Emotional Vibration Release - One Day Workshop - 2023

"We're all just walking each other home"

-Ram Dass

All photography on this page is credited to my dear friend Kenneth W. Buck of FROGPONDart+design. Many thanks for sharing your talents Ken.

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